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Do you really know what the name "Veloscenic" means?

Paris - Le Mont-Saint-Michel by bike, discover the meaning of the name of this spectacular cycle route!
Do you really know what the name "Veloscenic" means?

Logo Veloscenic


Veloscenic contracts the world :

"velo" and "scenic"


Logo Veloscenic


Velo, french noun

a two-wheeled vehicle that you sit on

and move by turning the two pedals



Scenic, adjective

having or allowing you to see

beautiful natural features




Veloscenic, noun

This name translates the positioning of a mythical cycle route,

which invites to wonder the spectacle

of nature and the high places crossed.


It indicates the extend of the landscapes,

the idea of a show scene that we ride on a bike!


A unique and exceptionnal moment!