Reaching the Veloscenic cycle route by train

How, say, can you depart from the Mont Saint-Michel by train, with your bike? Which train stations can you leave from and arrive at?... Simplify your searches thanks to our interactive map, highlighting the train lines and conditions for taking your bike on trains using these lines. 

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11 train stations along the Veloscenic cycle route

11 train stations, RER crossrail lines and major train lines (grandes lignes) are located along or near the cycle route, allowing you to start your cycling trip at various points. Some stations that are located 20km or more away from the route are linked to the Veloscenic by greenways or signposted roads and offer the possibility of enjoying outings along chosen sections of the route (e.g. Dreux, Briouze, Flers and Avranches).  

ℹ Click on the symbol up in the left-hand corner to show the key / click on the stations or the lines to show practical information. 


Frequently asked questions

I can’t find any trains on for the date on which I wish to return…

Case 1: You may be searching for a date too far in the future for rail information to be available yet. As a reminder, high-speed TGV trains and Intercités services are generally only put on sale four months before the date of travel. However, there is no hard and fast rule on this. Find out further information about this matter on this page or create an alert so that you’re kept informed of when exactly reservations can be made.  

Case 2: In the case where you’ve ticked the box indicating that you’re travelling with ‘‘1 non folded or disassembled bike(s)’’, certain TER regional trains and connecting journeys involving at least one TER train will not show up, although the possibility does in fact exist to take a full-size bike on such trains. So, start your search again, but without ticking ‘‘1 non folded or disassembled bike(s)’’, in order to view all the trains that are operating on the day concerned. Also refer to the paragraph "Astuces" (‘‘Tips’’) during your search and when making your ticket reservations to find out more on the matter.   

Case 3: Unfortunately, there really are no trains available at the time or on the day you wish.


I’m travelling with a child-trailer / a tandem/ a handcycle / ..., so can I take it on the train? 


Type of bike or equipmentAllowed on boardComments or suggested alternatives
Child trailer

1) It might be best to hire your bikes and children’s trailers from one of the bike-hire companies that can deliver them to your starting point and pick them up at your end point. 

2) Consider organizing your own circuit, connecting up several cycle routes. We recommend you make full use of the overarching websiteFrance Vélo Tourismewhich centralizes all the information and tracks for France’s main cycle routes and suggests some routes especially suited to families.

Single-wheel trailer✔️ 

"Recumbent bikes, tricycles, tandems and any kind of trailer are not allowed on board." (source :

Source :


Is it possible, using trains, to jump certain stages or move on ahead along the cycle route?

If you’re worried that you’re short of time on your trip or that you’ve been overambitious, do note that with certain stages, it’s possible to take the train to advance along the route. The sections where this could work well are:  

  • between Rambouillet and Chartres, where you’ll find 5 stations along the way that provide very frequent services across the year.  
  • between Chartres - Illiers-Combray - Nogent-le-Rotrou: trains are less frequent on this line, but you can easily advance by half a day’s cycling (30km) if you realize, the day before, that your plan isn’t feasible.