Who are we ?

The Veloscenic's Aims

The various bodies who have created the Veloscenic aim to offer tourists an up-to-date, sustainable, environmentally low-impact tourist route that also puts their areas to the fore.

  • The Véloroute from Paris to the Mont St-Michel, rebaptized Veloscenic, was recognised as being an important new route and link in the planned network of national véloroutes and greenways back in 2010, when the French ministry in charge of tourism made the development of 'France à vélo' ('France by bike') a major new priority.
  • Encouraged by this, the regions and départements concerned made the Veloscenic a priority, collaborating to be able to offer cyclists the opportunity, from 2012 onwards, of discovering all the various areas involved by bike.
  • The route alternates between non-motorized greenways and quiet roads, but certain portions in Ile-de-France are provisional. The Veloscenic is an ambitious joint project bringing together many local and tourist bodies, encouraging tourism that has a low impact on the environment. Many improvements will be made, both regarding the route itself and specialist services for cyclists along the route.
  • Boasting Paris and the Mont St-Michel, two of France's greatest jewels, at either end, at various points between these two you can join other major véloroutes, notably La Loire à VéloLe Tour de Manche, Velodyssey and the Avenue Verte London-Paris.

A collective project

The Veloscenic is a project jointly supported, from Paris to the Mont St-Michel, by 3 regions, 7 départements (counties), 3 regional natural parks and the French State (DGCIS).

3 regions

The regional councils and the regional tourism boards for each region

  • La Basse-Normandie
  • Le Centre
  • L' Île de France

7 départements (counties)

The general councils and the general tourism boards for each departement

  • La Manche
  • L'Orne
  • La Mayenne
  • L'Eure-et-Loir
  • Les Yvelines
  • L'Essonne
  • Paris

3 Regional Natural Parks

  • La Haute vallée de Chevreuse
  • Le Perche
  • Normandie-Maine

The state (DGCIS) during the first project programme, from 2011 to 2014.

Who does what?

Each partner has a very precise role to play and is essential to the implementation of this project...

  • The project is being steered by Manche Tourisme, or the Comité Départemental du Tourisme de la Manche (La Manche's tourist board). It organizes the regular formal technical and policy meetings required for the project's development.
  • All 8 participating départements (counties) work closely with the parishes and joint communities through which the route passes.
  • The regions of Ile-de-France, Centre and Basse-Normandie give technical and financial support for the sections in their territories.
  • The tourist boards of the various regions and départements involved, along with the regional natural parks, lend their support in shaping and developing related tourist offers. This includes putting in place, working alongside France Vélo Tourisme, the national mark Accueil Vélo (Cyclists Welcome)
  • France Vélo Tourisme provides specialist expertise and promotes the route at national and international level, notably via its website.

Financial partners

Here are presented the bodies contributing to the site financing and the one contributing to the technical execution

The bodies below contribute to the site financing:

  • Île de France
  • Centre Val de Loire
  • Région Basse Normandie
  • Mairie de Paris
  • Yvelines Tourisme
  • Conseil départemental d'Eure & Loir
  • Conseil départemental de l'Orne
  • La Mayenne
  • La Manche

The natural parks :

  • Parc naturel régional du Perche
  • Parc naturel régional Normandie-Maine
  • Parc naturel régional de la Haute Vallée de Chevreuse

And also local council communities: Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët and Pays de Limours.


 The bodies below contribute to the technical execution :

  • Paris Région
  • CRT Région Centre
  • Normandie pour la vie
  • Office du Tourisme et des Congrès de Paris
  • Conseil Général des Yvelines
  • CDT Eure & Loir
  • Mayenne Tourisme
  • Manche Tourisme

The cycle route is also supported by the concerned local authorities - cities, boroughs and districts.

Associate Partners

The bodies below are contributing to the project by their actions

  • France Vélo Tourisme
  • AF3V Véloroutes & Voies Vertes
  • Rn2D Réseau National des Destinations Départementales
  • Départements & Régions cyclables