Piste cyclable à Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouet © La Véloscénie - D. Darrault
Panneau signalisation sur l'itinéraire de la Véloscénie © Joël Damase - La Véloscénie
Lumière sur le Mont-Saint-Michel et sa baie © Marc Lerouge - Manche Tourisme

The last 60 kilometers to the Mont St Michel bay

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A truly fabulous location. This section of the Véloscénie and the Tour de Manche takes you on small roads through the polders, which are dotted with tiny villages, before you arrive at the highlight of the route. Mont-Saint-Michel, ever-present, cuts a mythical silhouette surrounded by grasslands and constantly shifting sands. The greenway follows the length of the Couesnon River, allowing you lots of time to savour the vista of this marvellous symbol of the world heritage of humanity.

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