A vélo au milieu des champs près de Rémalard, Perche © La Véloscénie - J. Damase
Mortagne au Perche à vélo - La Véloscénie © La Véloscénie - D. Darrault

The Perche on your bicycle

I cycle often

2 days by bike through the hilly countryside of the Perche

This remarkable section of La Véloscénie leads you almost all the way on a greenway through the historic, unspoilt province of the Perche. From Condé-sur-Huisne to the Pays d'Alençon, the trail crosses the magnificent undulating territories of the Perche's Regional Natural Park. The lush countryside is strewn with old manors, mills and villages and was the cradle of the famous Percheron horse. Cycling through such idyllic countryside makes the route seem that much easier.


Parcours à la carte