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Epernon, on the edge of Rambouillet Forest, stands in a very green setting. As you head on along roads, the pretty local architecture adds to the pleasure of the trip. You arrive at the town of Maintenon, where Eure and Voise Rivers meet. The Château de Maintenon and the Vauban aqueduct close by will impress you.
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By road: 16,67 km Cycle path: 0,40 km


Leaving Epernon from the station, you follow a series of quiet little roads taking you along the Drouette Valley. The route then joins the Eure Valley at Villiers-le-Morhier to head on to Maintenon. 


Maintenance work

In the centre of Epernon, in the direction Le Mont-Saint-Michel - Paristhe street called "Rue Drouet" and its intersection with "Rue du Quillier" is closed to traffic due to a risk of building collapse. However, it is possible to go beyond the danger zone (about twenty metres) on foot by using the pedestrian corridor set up for this purpose. As the beginning of Rue du Quillier is inaccessible, continue on rue Drouet to the first stop sign. Then turn right and go down Rue de la Regratterie to reach the route Rue du Grand Pont. In the direction Paris - Le Mont-Saint-Michel, the itinerary is unchanged.

Change of direction to access the camping Les îlots de St-Val in Villiers le Morhier. Due to repair work on a bridge, the usual access to the campground is closed. An alternative route for cyclists is summarily signposted from Villiers le Morhier. Download the map.

Railway station

Épernon and Maintenon stations: many Express Rgional Transport (TER) from and to Paris-Montparnasse.

Tourism Office

Maintenon : +33 2 37 23 05 04

Not to be missed

Épernon : Le prieuré St-Thomas – the 18th century old storeroom. – The square du Change – The romanesque church of St-Pierre

Maintenon : le château, its park and unfinished aqueduct.

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