Le château de Sceaux éclairé à la nuit tombante © CD 92 - O. Ravoire
Le parc et les jardins du château de Sceaux © Cd 92 - U. fly

The Parc de Sceaux

Gardens designed by Le Nôtre

The splendid Parc de Sceaux was designed in the 17th century by the great landscaper, Le Nôtre, for Louis XIV's great minister, Colbert.

It has experienced many ups and downs since. At the Revolution, it became an agricultural college, before being sold off. In 1923 it was brought back to life, according to Le Nôtre's plans, and opened to the public. Having once welcomed the Sun King, the park witnessed new moments of glory in 1987, when the singer Madonna gave a huge concert here.


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